Hey, we're MULU. We saw a world of fitness that was, well, l.a.m.e. Have you ever tried...Signing up for the gym? Haha, never heard of him. Going to boutique fitness classes? Bye paycheck. Building a running habit? Snoozefest. So, we set out to make fitness better.

Building a healthy lifestyle is already hard. We don't think that working out should be inconvenient, expensive and boring.

So, we built MULU around these core values:

Working out already takes a lot of energy, so making it as easy as possible TO work out is the least we can do.

This means making high quality workouts that are fun (you actually want to do them) and convenient (you can participate in Mulu from anywhere with just your phone).

Building a healthy lifestyle is better together.

Not only are we more successful at achieving our health goals when we pursue them with friends, but connecting with friends and family over fitness also benefits our mental and emotional health.

Compete with friends

Everyone has an inner athlete and can be motivated by some - eh hem, friendly - competition. Send wagers to friends and even use Power-Ups to give yourself a competitive advantage.

Games + Gains

is an entirely new way to work out. It doesn't matter how fit you are or even where you are. All you need is a phone, some friends, and a desire to get in the game.

Mulu. Game on.

All you need is a phone, some friends, and a desire to get in the game.

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